This is the original board I shaped as my pro model. In the beginning was the vision of creating a lightweight board. Taking a minimalistic approach by adding a re-curve on the tips seemed to save material and weight. As the identity shape for slash it also brings a solid contrast to conventional snowboards. Starting to feel the excitement this board was gonna offer I selected the best materials I could get my hands on. Swiss woodcore, reactive flex and ultimate traction bumps are the credo of my 2012/13 line. Besides that the choice for me to make this ATV was my preference to make it a Directional Twin for shortcuts through powder fields and full camber for full control through tree runs.

Board Line



Reactive Flex

The most advanced board technology available today! A composition of two unique fiberglass layouts in combination with our new lightweight wood cores that are specifically assembled and profiled by our engineers in Switzerland. Reactive Flex gives our boards the ability to also flex across the width. So, however you bend the board it will react the best way imaginable. For example if you jump on a park rail for a boardslide, the board edges lift up, creating a convex base which minimizes your chance of catching an edge. When carving a turn, it works the other way around. The board edges flex downward, creating a concave base which makes your edge bite more into the turns. This is automated flex in 3d!

Ultimate Traction

Ultimate Traction is a small counter radius(bump) placed in the middle of the board's sidecut. By positioning this bump instead of using a traditional sidecut, we have improved edge hold and center stability by not only relying solely on the board's outside contact points. You will have more control of your board especially on ice, less fatigue turning the board and lots more fun!

Forever Wood

Combining four different lightweight wood species: paulownia, spruce, beech and poplar to create a premium wood core that reduces weight while increasing reactivity, pop and longevity in extreme conditions. We are using only European FSC wood species assembled and profiled in our own swiss woodshop to get the best precision in conjunction with the Reactive Flex Technology.

Buried Treasure

This is our ultimate combination of carbon, kevlar and basalt fibers developed to increasingly benefit all the aspects of your board. The effects are lightness because the connecting strenght of fiber allows us to slim the cores thickness, it adds reactivity to the board like response and torsion because of the strategical placement of these fibers.

Tip Protectors

Thin and light, but surprisingly strong, aluminum protectors on the tail and/or nose protect the board from the damage that can result from impacts. This small detail makes a big difference for the durability of the deck, especially if your repertoire is more park/urban focused.

Kick Stand

Our Identity shape saves material and weight but also stands up without tipping over like rounded boards do!


Size (cm) 154 156 158 161 165w
Nose Length (mm) 240 240 240 245 245
Running Length (mm) 1060 1080 1100 1120 1160
Tail Length (mm) 240 240 240 245 245
Nose Width (mm) 292 294 295 297 305
Waist Width (cm) 25.1 25.3 25.3 25.5 26
Waist Width (inch) 9.9 10 10 10 10.2
Tail Width (mm) 292 294 295 297 305
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.2 7.4 7.6 7.8 7.9
Min/Max Stance (cm) 50/62 52/64 52/64 52/64 52/64
Min/Max Stance (inch) 19.7/24.4 20.5/25.2 20.5/25.2 20.5/25.2 20.5/25.2
Setback (cm) 20 20 20 20 20
Nose Height (mm) 54 54 54 57 57
Tail Height (mm) 54 54 54 57 57
Inserts (#) 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2 6x2
Rider's Weight (kgs) 60-80 70-100 70-100 70-100 70-100
Rider's Weight (lbs) 132-176 154-220 154-220 154-220 154-220



The Camber profile is the traditional snowboard profile used since the beginning of snowboarding. The camber profile is designed to distribute weight evenly and increase pop. it will give you a really precise snowboard with a snappy, reactive feel.