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Like an aurora’s light emitting across the dark skies, the Aurora is a swift black slash across the snow’s clean white surface. It’s an independent-flexing, futuristic whip made for aggressive riders who seek ultimate response and control. The chassis begins with our lightest core crafted from select paulownia wood and bamboo stringers, with added strips of ash wood along the inserts and edges to bolster strength and edge hold. It has encapsulated spacecraft-grade Non-Crimp Fabric biaxial carbon fiber and tri-axial fiberglass for unmatched spring. The dual camber design places a separate camber profile under each foot, which act independently since the core also has precise Knockout milling between the inserts. Combined with the directional Redline sidecut, the entire system works like a gas pedal underfoot for speed, ollies, swift slashes and total control.


NCF Carbon BI-AX
“Non Crimp Fabric” (NCF) has better mechanical properties and weighs less than traditional woven fabric. It has a higher load capacity and stronger tensile strength that’s less susceptible to delamination. All of this translates into a snowboard that’s lighter, snappier and more powerful than anything else on the market.
Tri-ax Fiberglass
Tri-ax Fiberglass is a three-way weave of fiberglass with strands running at 45-degree angles. It provides superior pop, consistent torsional flex, and more overall response.
Lightweight Woodcore
Crafted with light density paulownia and bamboo stringers for superior strength and minimal heft, then strengthened with ash along the inserts for power transfer and along the sidewalls for better on-edge stability, this is the lightest, most complex core we create.
Redline Sidecut
This multi radii directional sidecut is deeper at the tail end for explosive turns. Combined with the Aurora’s dual camber and flex design it allows the rider to accelerate swiftly when pointed forward with weight on the front foot. At the same time it allows the back foot to maintain control and steering.
Ultimate Traction
This small counter radius (bump) placed in the middle of the board’s sidecut improves edge hold without creating drag or strange edge grip. It adds extra bite on ice and turns regular turns into confident carves.
Progressive Sidecut
Our progressive sidecut design blends many radii and smooth contact points for buttery smooth turn initiation, edge-to-edge transition and edge hold. It’s different for each model and matches the sidecut to the board’s specific camber profile.
Sintered HD Base
The fastest and hardest sintered base on the market. It provides the most impact resistant surface available and its high-density molecular structure holds wax longer for sustained speeds.
This is our custom method of core milling that’s highly visible on the Aurora. Using a CNC machine we precisely carve out material between the bindings. This makes the core lighter and the sidewall thinner to promote independent flex, giving the board a more intimate feel and better edge control.
Diamond Stone Finish
We add a slight diamond-structured stone grind to the base to maximize glide and optimize durability. It eliminates the slow, suction cup feel that comes with one- dimensional base finishes.
Factory Waxed
All Slash boards are factory waxed with One-Ball Jay wax and ready to shred straight out of the wrapper.


Size [cm] 155158162
Nose Length [mm] 225211231
Running Length [mm] 110011601160
Tail Length [mm] 225211231
Nose Width [mm] 287290295
Waist Width [mm] 250253257
Waist Width [inch] 9.81010.1
Tail Width [mm] 287290295
Sidecut Radius [m]
*Redline Sidecut
8.1 - 6.5*8.5 - 6.9*8.7 - 7.1*
Min/Max Stance [cm] 52/6452/6452/64
Min/Max Stance [inch] 20.5/25.220.5/25.220.5/25.2
Setback [mm] 151515
Inserts [#] 6x26x26x2
Rider's Weight [kg] 61/7966/8475/93+
Rider's Weight [lbs] 134/174146/185165/205+
Nose Length [mm] 225
Running Length [mm] 1100
Tail Length [mm] 225
Nose Width [mm] 287
Waist Width [mm] 250
Waist Width [inch] 9.8
Tail Width [mm] 287
Sidecut Radius [m] 8.1 - 6.5*
Min/Max Stance [cm] 52/64
Min/Max Stance [inch] 20.5/25.2
Setback [mm] 15
Inserts [#] 6x2
Rider's Weight [kg] 61/79
Rider's Weight [lbs] 134/174
Nose Length [mm] 211
Running Length [mm] 1160
Tail Length [mm] 211
Nose Width [mm] 290
Waist Width [mm] 253
Waist Width [inch] 10
Tail Width [mm] 290
Sidecut Radius [m] 8.5 - 6.9*
Min/Max Stance [cm] 52/64
Min/Max Stance [inch] 20.5/25.2
Setback [mm] 15
Inserts [#] 6x2
Rider's Weight [kg] 66/84
Rider's Weight [lbs] 146/185
Nose Length [mm] 231
Running Length [mm] 1160
Tail Length [mm] 231
Nose Width [mm] 295
Waist Width [mm] 257
Waist Width [inch] 10.1
Tail Width [mm] 295
Sidecut Radius [m] 8.7 - 7.1*
Min/Max Stance [cm] 52/64
Min/Max Stance [inch] 20.5/25.2
Setback [mm] 15
Inserts [#] 6x2
Rider's Weight [kg] 75/93
Rider's Weight [lbs] 165/205

Dual camber


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